Explore From Home

There are a lot of amazing experiences out there in the world, unfortunately at the moment no-one is able to enjoy them. However people are creative and coming up with ways to share their craft so that you don’t miss out completely. Explore from home with some of these interactive experiences:

  • Tuscan Cooking Class – Il Salviatino, a lovely boutique hotel just outside Florence has created some great instagram videos giving you tips and recipes for wonderful Tuscan dishes
  • Cocktail Making – The Langham London has created a few videos showing you how to make some classic cocktails.
  • Healthy Recipes – Como Shambhala have put together healthy and easy to prepare recipes, which if you do the Tuscan cooking and cocktail making might be a good thing!
  • Discover the New Seven Wonders of the World (from home of course!)
    • Visit the Great Wall of China with  this virtual tour
    • Enjoy an hour long walking tour of the Colosseum in Rome. Not much in the way of info, but it gives you a great view of the magnificent building
    • Explore Petra in Jordan with this pretty cool video tour
    • See Macchu Picchu with a voice over guide to give you all the necessary details
    • Google Street View gets you up close to the incredible Taj Mahal in India
    • Stand up high with a 3D panorama of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil
    •  Explore various aspects of Chichen Itza in Mexico wi these 360 panoramas

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