Become an Independent Consultant (IC)

Have the independence of running your own business as a travel advisor but with on-going support, advice, training, marketing collateral and best-in-class technology. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss. Get the satisfaction of building your own travel business, but with access to invaluable systems, exclusive networks and critical trade partnerships that would normally take years to build up.

We are a boutique family-run business and our focus is on tailored itineraries, personal & long lasting relationships with clients, unique experiences and of course impeccable service. If you share these goals and have a client book (or extensive network) please do get in touch as we would love to speak with you!

Email Claire Anderson for more details or to discuss further. 

Cartology Travel IC Benefits

Cartology Travel IC Benefits


An IC is a travel advisor who has their own business but is affiliated with a host agency that provides support, systems and advice to allow them to grow and manage their business better.  An IC is not employed by the host agency but works through them.  As an IC you set up your own business under the host agency name, which you then manage and are responsible for. You own the relationship with your clients and how much work you do is up to you but remember the more you put in, the more you get out.

Travel is a business that offers a fantastic lifestyle where you manage your own time, meetings, travel and business. It is a warm, welcoming and collaborative industry that offers amazing opportunities for travel, of course. However you are working for yourself, so you need to be driven, committed, flexible and most importantly have access to a network of potential clients.

Why do it all yourself when you can have some help.   A host agency assists with the running of your business, providing support for admin, systems, commissions, advice and networking.  Guiding you through setting up, giving advice on finding clients or helping managing itineraries, the host agency works with you every step of the way.

For this service, support and systems you as the IC will pay a percentage of your commission earned to your host agency. The rest is yours to do with as you wish. The percentage taken by the host agency decreases as your business grows so the more business you do, the more you make.

Please see the table above for the key benefits of joining us. There are a lot more benefits that are available to our ICs, so get in touch to find out more.

Right now we are recruiting ICs based anywhere in the UK, South Africa or USA. 

  1. A love of travel and adventure
  2. Committed to delivering the very best service to your clients
  3. A strong network of current or potential clients
  4. Entrepreneurial, self-starter
  5. Detail oriented and a problem solver

We don’t lock you into any long term commitments but we are looking for people who see this as a long term career and are motivated to grow their business. It will be your business so what you put in will determine what you get out!

Our role is to help you set up, manage and grow your business by supporting you in the time-consuming admin tasks, making it as easy as possible for you to focus on your clients. This means we are with you every step of the way, helping with accounting & invoicing, itinerary planning, leveraging our network, support in dealing with clients and anything else you need to flourish.

That’s not a problem, as long as you have the characteristics of a good IC and a strong network of potential clients who are regular luxury travellers and would trust you to book their travel.  We will help you learn the ins and outs of the industry.

We completely understand the desire to build something that you feel you own. However when starting out there are a lot of regulations, processes and costs involved in starting from scratch. By going under the Cartology Travel brand we help you take care of these steps, which makes it quicker for you to get going and meet the regulatory requirements.

If you are already in the travel industry, having existing clients will certainly be a huge boost when starting. If you don’t have clients or aren’t in the travel industry then you need to be comfortable that you have a strong network of people, who you believe are very likely to use your services. 

This is going to depend on a few things: Are you already an agent/advisor with an existing book of clients?
  • If so then you should be able to hit the ground running and focus on this full time
  • Obviously this will depend on the number of clients you have and revenue they generate for you
If you don’t have any clients or have never worked in travel
  • It may take more time to build the business and this will start as more of a side hustle
  • Due to the longer term nature of travel planning (in the normal times), it can take a while to see income from trips and like any new business, it will take time to grow
  • It may be the case that you will need an additional source of income until your travel business really takes off