Our Story

Saying travel is in our blood is no exaggeration.

Our story starts with co-founder Susan Huxter – after attending École Hôtelière de Lausanne and working in a number of hotels along the way, she moved to a sleepy town in the winelands of South Africa called Franschhoek. She then started building what would become an award winning boutique hotel and world renowned restaurant.  As owner of Le Quartier Français for almost 30 years, Susan has built up an unrivalled black book of contacts in the hospitality industry globally (and helped put Franschhoek on the tourist map to boot). Her expertise in knowing the little things that make all the difference allows Cartology to add that something special to each trip!

Having grown up in the hospitality industry, Justin tried to escape it by taking up marketing roles in Johannesburg and London, but was persuaded to join Susan in a new venture.  Identifying a space in the market for a personalised, luxurious offering and using her aforementioned black book as the basis for curating unique experiences, Justin decided to leave his marketing role and co-found Cartology Travel. Sharing his mother’s love of travel and understanding of what is true 5 star service, their dream is to build a travel design company that never loses its personal touch.

Fuelled by word-of-mouth and with Susan as roving global ambassador to help open doors and forge supplier relationships around the world, Cartology has grown internationally. We have added team members in different locations in the world, all with the same love of travel as the founders. Each one is passionate about creating personalised individual voyages for their clients and most importantly lasting memories.