Justin Huxter - Founder

Born and raised in South Africa, Justin is our resident safari and Africa expert. A love of adventure, wildlife and nature was instilled in him from a very young age and he wanted to be a safari guide growing up. Lucky enough to travel a lot as kid, his passion for travel only grew and he realised it was an industry he wanted to be involved in. When the opportunity arose to leave the corporate world and move to the travel industry, he jumped at the chance. Justin co-founded Cartology Travel with his mother Susan (a brave move some would say) as they share a strong belief in travel and its power to connect people. He loves creating unique itineraries and adventures that give people the opportunity to really experience their destination. A keen foodie, he can often be found in over his head in the kitchen.

Travel Passions: Diving, Safari, local drinks
Favourite Destinations: Any safari destination, New Zealand, Italy & China
Home When not Travelling: London
Superpower: An ability to see the positive in every situation

Kathy Boate - CEO

Born and raised in Canada, Kathy now considers herself a Londoner, having lived there for well over a decade. It took little convincing to make her see the light and leave her high flying job in Investment Banking to pursue a new career – mainly lured with the promise of combining her dual loves of organisation and travel. Aside from having knocked off every continent bar Antarctica, Kathy also boasts to have visited every country in Western, Northern and Central Europe (her clarification: except Andorra…). One of her degrees being in ancient history, she is passionate about understanding both the past and present of a country. 

Travel Passions: Historical sights, Archaeology, Languages
Favourite Destinations: Jordan, China, Italy & Oktoberfest
Home When not Travelling: London
Superpower: Can order a beer in 7 languages (and counting…)

Susan Huxter - Chief Motherly Officer

Susan is co-founder and matriarch of Cartology Travel, carrying the official title of Chief Motherly Officer (CMO). She brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts to the party. As the owner of the iconic Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek, South Africa for over 25 years, she knows and understands what can make or break an experience. With an in-depth understanding of luxury travel from her time running a Relais & Chateaux and Virtuoso hotel, as well as knowing just about everyone in the industry, our CMO regularly makes the extraordinary a reality.

Travel Passions: Art, Culture and bright colours
Favourite Destinations: India, Argentina, Italy & France
Home When Not Travelling: Franschhoek
Superpower: Knowing everyone, everywhere!

Claire Anderson - Head of Operations

 Claire has had the opportunity to live and work in several incredible cities in Africa, Europe and North America, and it is from these cities that she’s been able to travel and explore the world. Her attempts at getting through her (ever-expanding!) travel bucket list have sparked her passion for experiencing as much of this beautiful world as possible. It is this passion that has led her to move from the corporate world of media and advertising to join best friend Justin in his adventures in the travel industry. 

Travel Passions: Architecture, History, Beautiful Scenery, Freedom
Favourite Destinations: Italy, Namibia, Croatia & New York
Home When not Travelling: San Francisco
Superpower: Getting it done!! Lists and more lists

Geraldine Ratner - Luxury Travel Designer

 Geraldine has two main passions in life, the one being food and the other one travel. After qualifying as a professional chef and working in hotels and restaurants around the world for 13 years, she decided it was time to move on to her second favourite thing in the world – travel! She has been involved in the industry for a few years now and besides meeting amazing people and sharing her love for discovering new places and cultures, she has continually added to her bucket list. There is still so much more to explore, visit, eat and drink around the world and she is already excited about her future adventures. 

Travel Passions: Food, History, Culture and people
Favourite Destinations: Thailand, Hong Kong & Italy
Home When not Travelling: Franschhoek
Superpower: Cool, calm and collected

Yasmin Charabati-Cox - Luxury Travel Designer

Yasmin was born and raised in Italy but from a very young age started travelling between her parents’ home countries to visit friends and family in England, Italy and the Middle East. She’s always been fascinated by other cultures and living the local way, unearthing the best kept secrets for places to visit, eat or shop. Having travelled extensively and still enjoying planning her next adventures with her young family, she decided to put her skills acquired from her corporate background into use in her dream job of helping people realise their ideal holiday. 

Travel Passions: Food, People, Sunsets, Architecture
Favourite Destinations: Italy, New Zealand & Maldives
Home When not Travelling: London
Superpower: Organised, Problem Solver, Curious

Mila Padilla - Luxury Travel Designer

Born in the smallest city in Argentina, Mila had always dreamt about travelling around the world and studying languages.   She has been able to realise her dreams by working and living in numerous countries, notably the USA and Brazil, allowing her to be fluent in English and Portuguese. She has a university degree in Translation and is also learning sign language (amongst other languages!).  With her entrepreneurial spirit, Mila has opened a restaurant, started two of her own businesses in tourism, while also having worked in her family business.  Mila is a definite free spirit and adventurer; her motto is ¨Better to regret what you’ve done than what you haven’t”.    She is a perfectionist and very detail oriented in all aspects, making every client feel unique and taken care of!

Travel Passions: Gastronomy, Culture, History and People
Favourite Destinations: All places I still have yet to visit
Home When not Travelling: Buenos Aires
Superpower: Always have room for tasting and trying new food

Elisa Picazo - Luxury Travel Consultant

Originally from Spain, Elisa loves living in different places around the world, in order to fully experience and understand the local culture. Following her strong interest in Asian culture, she moved to Beijing in search of adventure and ended up falling in love with China. She then stayed for three years, learning Mandarin and taking the opportunity to travel extensively through Asia.  After moving back to London for two years, she decided to return to where her heart belongs: China.  Elisa is currently based in Shanghai, where she works with Cartology Travel on a consultancy basis. Having studying Mandarin and travelled much of the continent, she is an invaluable resource for any client trips to Asia. 

Travel Passions: Wildlife, Culture, Diving and Meeting people from all over the world!
Favourite Destinations: China, India, Japan, Spain, Italy & Borneo
Home When not Travelling: Shanghai
Superpower: Always ready to take on a challenge and happy to learn something new

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