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Why use a travel advisor?

Travel Advisors offer a professional service that is more than just a booking service, we provide inspiration, insight, knowledge, understanding, networks and contacts as well as creative solutions to suit your travel style.

Through our knowledge, expertise and networks we offer added value and access to experiences that are not always publicly available. Some of the benefits include complimentary upgrades, complimentary breakfast, spa vouchers, private tours and access to unique experiences and sights.

Our role is also to save you time and remove the stress involved in planning and booking your travel, whether it is a quick weekend break or a bucket-list trip. We take care of all the details, so you can enjoy the experience secure in the knowledge that you have someone with you every step of the way and there for you if anything goes wrong.

What we offer

Planning and booking services: We will arrange all your travel, provide all the necessary documents (except visas), tips and advice.

Insider Access: Through our connection with Virtuoso, Travel Edge Travel and our network within the travel industry, we have access to special benefits, amenities, knowledge and perks for you at many of the places we deal with. We also make sure that you are treated like a VIP everywhere you go whether it is a special treat for your birthday or making sure your favourite wine is waiting for you on arrival.

Concierge Services: We can book restaurants, spa treatments, activities, taxis and much more so just let us know what you need.

Support: We are there the whole way through the process and can help you if anything does go wrong during travel booked with us. Please note we do maintain regular work hours but monitor accounts outside of those time. In an emergency you will be able to contact us but we also work the best people on the ground in each location and many of them provide a 24 hour support line which you will have the details for too.

Transparency & Clarity: We endeavour to provide a clear breakdown of the costs of your trip so you can see what you are spending your hard earned money on. When booking through us you will always pay the same rate as you can get straight from the hotel or resort. If you do find a cheaper rate, please let us know as we can see if we can match it or explain the benefits of booking through us. Occasionally we do work with suppliers who provide us a packaged rate as they have special wholesale rates that are not publicly available, we will notify you when this is the case.

How we work

To ensure we provide you with a truly personalised itinerary and recommendation, we follow a process which is designed to help us to understand exactly what your expectations are for your travel experience, as well as your preferences to ensure the trip is as personal and tailored as possible.

To design the perfect itinerary for you we will take you through the following steps:

  1. Initial discussion – typically a 30-45min conversation to get the details of where you want to go, when, what activities you want to do as well as your travel style, preferences, likes, dislikes and more so we can really understand you.
  2. Planning Fee , Liability Form & Profile– as we provide a professional service, we do charge an upfront planning fee which varies depending on the complexity of the travel and the number of people. The liability form is a standard legal document that just highlights the terms & conditions and risks associated with travel. The profile form is additional information which helps us design your travel better and is not shared outside of the company.
  3. First Proposal – This will be our first proposal with a suggested itinerary including accommodation, recommended activities, transport and other details necessary for the trip
  4. Final Proposal – Once you are happy with your itinerary, we will send you the final version electronically along with all confirmations and documents necessary for your travel
  5. Regular check-ins – we will touch base with you through the planning process and your travel to make sure everything is going smoothly and to see if there is anything else you need from us.

Planning Fees

1 – 6 people6+ PeopleLast Minute (within 30 days)
From $350 Fee (Total)
From £250 Fee (Total)
From $100 per person
From £80 per person
Additional $250 (Total)
Additional £175 (Total)

Why we charge a fee

There are a number of reasons why our services are fee based:

  • It covers the hours of research & planning that a bespoke trip entails. As each itinerary is crafted especially for you, there is a substantial amount of work involved upfront.
  • We provide a specialised service and personal support throughout the process and during travel
  • Our valuable industry relationships and in-depth knowledge will ultimately benefit you on your travels – through local destination knowledge, confidence in the services we book you, and VIP treatment throughout. 
  • You get access to our exclusive networks and hotel partnerships which provide you with tangible amenities like upgrades, complimentary meals, spa credits & hotel credit
  • We Care! You are not just a number or another client to us, each trip is personal and we are there for you throughout the entire process going above and beyond to ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

If you require a simple service such as a hotel booking please contact us as we can discuss waiving the fees

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