Valentine’s Day

Fall Under the Spell of the City of Love


In this busy day and age, the most difficult thing is taking time out to treat yourself or spend with friends and family. This Valentine’s Day, let us help you enjoy a romantic getaway where you can reconnect and relax with your loved one in the ultimate city of romance – Paris.

There is no doubt that when we travel, we recover the lost feeling of escapism, of leaving behind the everyday humdrum. As we breakout of our routines, we gain a sense of freedom finally finding the time to explore our interests and our inner selves. Those precious moments and memories that bring us closer to those we travel with are few and far between, so need to be savoured when the opportunity arises.

Nothing ruins these moments more than issue with your travel from the stress caused by the planning, setbacks, changes, poor organisation, delays, under quality service… may all lead to travel having the opposite effect to what was desired. Leave it all to us; let us take care of everything so that you are left with the only responsibility to share that precious time and make the most out of it. Treasure every moment and fall under the magic spell of being away. With the thrill of discovery comes the freedom to unwind, indulge your passions as your personal adventure brings the time needed to renew your love for each other. We will carefully mix the right ingredients to create the perfect journey recipe providing you with a perfectly balanced experience to enjoy your time together as you want.

To provide some inspiration for what your ultimate Valentine’s weekend could entail, we have curated some unique experiences in Paris

Private visit of the Château de Versailles 


Experience the Palace of Versailles all to yourself after visiting hours. Wander through the Palace, unlocking even the most hidden and secret doors. You will be given access to locations like the apartment of the King, the hall of mirrors, the royal opera, the royal chapels… exclusively available for your perusal. Conclude your exceptional experience with a glass of champagne.

Food odyssey in the Marais district with lunch at a Caviar House


A stone’s throw from Place de la Bastille, in a unique place dedicated to caviar where you can degustate its finely selected produce. The house now supplies caviar to many starred chefs in France and abroad such as Alain Ducasse, Yannick Alléno, Alain Passard…just to name a few. Enjoy a lunch-tasting comprising of little dishes centred around caviar and seafood, harmoniously combined with champagne (Billecart Salmon), sake, white wine or vodka.

Initiation into the Art of Perfume


You will be welcomed into the perfumer’s private apartment where you will learn the art of making perfume. This is as much a living space as it is a laboratory, be prepared to enter a world of sensory creation.

A Backstage Haute Couture Experience

Haute couture3

Since 1988 in the heart of Paris, this rare atelier, has been gathering all the essential elements and embodying the creation of what we call ‘Haute Couture’ today. The tailor, embroiderer, dressmaker, dyer and corset maker are all combine both traditional and modern techniques to meet the standards of today’s Haute Couture designers, such as Dior or Givenchy. Discover the most interesting and profound projects during a workshop visit and soak up the history and anecdotes.

Other Experiences

  • See what goes into Michelin star cooking, with a private demonstration and meal in the kitchen of some of the best chefs in Paris
  • Exclusive wine tastings at the wine cellars of la tour d’Argent with some of the best sommeliers in the world
  • Be fitted and dressed to perfection by Paris’ finest tailors
  • Discover rare items of beauty with a visit to Parisian auction houses

Paris city

And there is so much more… get in touch with us to start tailor making your romantic escape in the City of Love or elsewhere in the world.