Who we are

Susan Huxter
Susan Huxter – Chief Motherly Officer

Co-founder and matriarch of Cartology Travel carrying the official title of Chief Motherly Officer (CMO), Susan brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts to the party. As the owner of the iconic Le Quartier Francais in Franschhoek for over 25 years, she knows understands what can make or break an experience. With an in-depth understanding of luxury travel from her time running a Relais & Chateaux and Virtuoso hotel as well as knowing just about everyone in the industry, our CMO regularly makes the extraordinary a reality.

Travel Passions: Food, Art, Culture and bright colours
Favourite Destinations: India, Argentina, Italy & France
Insider Tip: Asking the staff in the hotel where they eat with their friends and family and heading off there for the authentic meal
Home When Not Travelling: Franschhoek
Superpower: Knowing everyone, everywhere!

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Justin Huxter – Founder

Having been taken on his first international trip at just a few months old, Justin was bitten by the travel bug early, leading to a lifelong passion for exploring and travelling. He has not heard of a place he doesn’t want to visit yet! Taking an opportunity to escape life in the corporate machine, Justin co-founded Cartology Travel to turn his passion into a full time career. Despite friends thinking he is on a permanent holiday, he does actually do work. Having travelled to 6 continents and over 50 countries, Justin loves adventure, unusual activities and food. So his ultimate experience would be heli-skiing with a pizza!

Travel Passions: Food, Adventure, The People
Favourite Destinations: New Zealand, Italy, China & Southern Africa
Insider Tip: Luxury is not always about the physical but the experience
Home When not Travelling: London
Superpower: An ability to see the positive in every situation

Geraldine Ratner
Geraldine Ratner – Luxury Travel Designer

She has two main passions in life, the one being food and the other one travel. After qualifying as a professional chef and working in hotels and restaurants around the world for 13 years she decided it was time to move onto her second favourite thing in the world – Travel! She has been involved in the industry for a few years now and besides meeting amazing people and sharing her love for discovering new places and cultures, she has continually added to her bucket list. There is still so much more to explore, visit, eat and drink around the world and she is already excited about her future adventures.

Travel Passions: Food, History, Culture and people
Favourite Destinations: Thailand, Hong Kong and Italy
Insider Tip: If you are not sure just ask, most people will be happy to help with anything!
Home When not Travelling: Franschhoek
Superpower: Cool, calm and collected.

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Claire Anderson – Luxury Travel Designer

Claire has had the opportunity to live and work in several incredible cities in Africa, Europe and North America and it is from these cities that she’s been able to travel and explore the world. Her attempts at getting through her (ever-expanding!) travel bucket list has sparked her passion for experiencing as much of this beautiful world as possible. It is this passion that has led her to move from the corporate world of media and advertising and join best friend Justin in his adventures in the travel industry.

Travel Passions: Architecture, History, Beautiful Scenery, Freedom
Favourite Destinations: Italy, Namibia, Croatia (and New York!)
Insider Tip: Don’t be afraid to chat to the locals, they want you to love their hometown as much as they do. That’s where you truly find the hidden gems.
Home When not Travelling: San Francisco
Superpower: Getting it done!! Lists.

Elisa Picazo
Elisa Picazo – Luxury Travel Designer

Originally from Spain, Elisa loves living in different places of the world to fully experience and understand the local culture. Following her interest in Asian society, she moved to Beijing in the search of some adventure; after falling in love with Chinese culture, stayed for 3 years. While working there, she had the chance to travel extensibly in Asia and learnt Mandarin. After moving back to Europe with base in London for the last 2 years, she decided to return where her heart belongs: China where she currently lives while improving the language and traveling within the amazing continent Asia is today.

Travel Passions: Wildlife, Culture, Diving and meeting People from all over the world!
Favourite Destinations: China, India, Japan, Spain, Italy & Borneo.
Insider Tip: Ask the locals what do they like to do on their spare time, where to go for a good meal… and wander a place until you get lost – it´s the best way to find those secret quirky spots destinations often hide.
Home When not Travelling: Beijing
Superpower: Always ready to take on a challenge and happy to learn something new.